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Changing Seasons

by Kacey Randolph With the beginning of a new school year and Fall approaching, I can’t help but to think of the changing seasons. Not only in reference to our weather but also in our lives. Recently, there have been circumstances in my life where I have wished I could put the world on pause […]

Faith and the Paranoid Mom

by Amy Ford “If I hear about one more baby left in a car, or accidental drowning, or mass shooting, I’m going to lose my mind,” I ranted to myself with all the hormones of a pregnancy in its eighth month.  The constant barrage of news stories such as these is enough to send anyone […]

Milestone Moments

by Jennifer Frank A milestone has come and gone. Three days ago was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten. As I presented her to her new teacher, her new desk, her new environment, I felt a bit lost in the hoopla all around me. There were cameras (including video), swarms of parents, and a general […]

Teachable Moments

by Tara Treat Lenger So, Treat was crying in his bed and I went and snuggled him for a bit. When I put him back to bed here’s how our conversation went… Treat: “I want to ask God to help me feel better because I’m crying.” Me: “well ask Him and He will.” Treat: “Well […]

I love you

In 2006 Christin Loera had put aside dating and agreed to give one year to the Lord – for Him to show her who He was – to prove Himself.  During the year, she not only saw the redemptive work of the Lord, she began to see His deep love, and who she was in […]

Tales of a Lion Trainer

by Sarah Seigand The name of my oldest son, Judah, means, “Praise the Lord.” It also bears the imagery of a lion as Jesus is referred to as the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah.” Little did we know how fitting that name would be. One afternoon with our Judah and just about anyone will […]

The Purpose of it all!

by Kacey Randolph There it was, staring back at me. My own name with the curser blinking beside it. Staring at me. I hadn’t had to send a “formal” email in quite some time, in fact I can’t remember the last time I had to and for some reason seeing my name on the screen […]

Teachable Moments

by Kim Mozingo My mother picked up my son at pre-school one afternoon and took him for a treat.  As they were enjoying their treat he asked, “So, Grandma, how was your day?”   “I had a great day, how was yours?” responded Grandma.  “You know Grandma, when you have one of those days…where things just […]