Teachable Moments

by Tara Treat Lenger

So, Treat was crying in his bed and I went and snuggled him for a bit. When I put him back to bed here’s how our conversation went…
Treat: “I want to ask God to help me feel better because I’m crying.”
Me: “well ask Him and He will.”
Treat: “Well I don’t want to cause I can’t see Him. Is He up in the sky?”
Me: “Well, He’s all around us and He never leaves you.”
Treat. “Well He’s already making me feel better!”
Me: “Good! Then we say “Thank you, Jesus!”
Treat: “Wait, did we read a book about that?”
Me: “um, the Bible?”
Treat: “Yes! The Bible”
pause. . .. .
Treat: “Is Noah going to help me feel better too?”
the end. 🙂

Tara Treat Lenger is a wife and busy mom of two kids and a piano teacher. She treasures teachable moments with her kids that happen on a daily basis.

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