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Christian MomTalk is for you!

Christian MomTalk is to help women realize their God-given calling and purpose as moms. Every mom is unique. Every mom wants to be the best mom in the world for her child, but sometimes she feels like the worst. You never stop being a mom. No matter if the child is still in your womb or has grown into an adult, you are still there mom.  Moms experience unique trials, temptations and traps that they don’t anticipate when they are expecting and preparing to be moms. This community is to help moms find each other, and encourage each other to be on mission with God.

Christian MomTalk is for those of you who are dealing with a traumatic transition into being a mom…

About 13 percent of women in the United States experience postpartum depression. You may be feeling isolated and  you don’t have opportunities to connect and learn from other moms.  There are 3 million reported cases of child-abuse in the United States. There are many mothers who are pushed to their limits and experience anger and rage towards their children and feel trapped, not knowing how to break the cycle of abuse. There are other moms who are dealing with being a single parent or they may be in a difficult marriage or divorced.  There are other moms who have children struggling with drugs or other addictions. If you are going through a tough transition into being a mom, Christian MomTalk is for you! If you feel alone, we are here to help.

For those of you who want to a great mom for their children…

You may not be going through trauma, but becoming a mom has been more difficult than you expected.  There is so much to learn and you are functioning on so little sleep!  You may be struggling with how to schedule your day so that you can be productive in your work and fruitful as a mom.  You may need practical strategies on not letting the domestic duties distract you from being present with your child. You may need to gain a greater understanding of how to do biblical discipline. If you want to be a great mom for your child, Christian MomTalk is for you!

For those of you who want to grow in your faith…

You are coming to realize that they only way you can fulfill your purpose in life is to turn to God for His help and guidance.  You are finding that you can’t do anything without Him.  The Christian MomTalk blogs, podcasts, video casts, and resources are available to encourage you, empower you, and strengthen you in your walk with Christ. If you want to grow in your faith, Christian MomTalk is for you!

Are you a leader of Moms? Do you have a heart to help others?

Join the Christian MomTalk Team. A group of moms of all ages who have a heart to help other moms. Do you have a gift of writing? Are you a momblogger?  Do you have a gift of listening?  Do you have a heart to get mom’s together for retreats? Fill out this form to get involved!

Founder of Christian MomTalk – Sue Detweiler

“Sue is simply extraordinary…” Glenn Burris Jr., President of The Foursquare Church

“Sue knows how to get to the core issues that often overwhelm moms…” Pete Wilson, Best-selling Author

“Sue is one of the most gifted communicators I know” Pam Vredevelt, Licensed Counselor, Bestselling Author

Sue Detweiler founder of Christian Mom Talk

SUE DETWEILER is a mother of six, author, speaker, radio host, and pastor with over 25 years of experience in leadership, ministry and education. Sue and her husband Wayne have recently relocated to the McKinney Texas area to plant and pastor Life Bridge Church.

Sue’s first book, 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom, hit No. 1 on Amazon’s hot new releases for Christian women’s issues. As a young mom, Sue Detweiler nearly lost her 5-week-old baby when she awoke to find her house on fire. By God’s grace she and her baby were rescued, but afterwards she felt as if her whole life was “on fire” as she struggled to rebuild her house and home.“A breakthrough in my life took place when I realized that I couldn’t do anything apart from God. Staying connected to the life-giving strength of Jesus Christ is the only way I can parent my children and be an encouragement to others.”

Her second book, 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts, grew out of her and her husband’s heart to help couples grow closer to God and to each other. In their pastoral ministry to mar- riages, they have seen how sharing their own struggles helps to create a safe context for couples to be transparent and honest with their own issues. Wayne and Sue have also seen God’s trans- formative power heal and restore marriages through the marriage conferences and workshops they have led. For more books and resources or to schedule a speaking engagement, visit SueDe- or email

Sue’s most recent book Women Who Move Mountains: Praying with Confidence, Bold- ness and Grace (Baker Publishing Group, May 2017) will inspire you to develop an intimate friendship with God through prayer and bible study. Filled with testimonies of women who have overcome toxic situations to become powerful women of prayer.

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