Nothing is Impossible with God

Nothing is impossible with God!

“Mom, it’s time to have the baby!” My heart began to beat faster as I realized that I needed to buy a plane ticket and head back to Nashville, Tennessee. We had just celebrated family Christmas, and I didn’t want to leave my oldest daughter and son-in-law who were expecting the baby in January. It took me 30 minutes to re-pack my bags and secure a flight.

Hurry up and WAIT!

Once I was on the plane, I began to think about how much time labor usually takes. I smiled, as I thought about the many hours that we would be in the hospital together. As soon as we drove towards the hospital, I saw the huge scripture posted on the outside of the hospital:

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

When you and I face every day challenges, we need to remind ourselves of this scripture that was spoken to Mary by the angel Gabriel. Although Mary was a teenage girl incapable of accomplishing the things in her own strength, Gabriel said to her:

Good morning! You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, beautiful inside and out! God be with you! Luke 1:28 MSG

Mary had God’s favor in her life. She was shaken by the angel’s appearance and surprised by His words, yet she welcomed God’s word into her heart and believed that with God, nothing was impossible.

Giving Birth to God’s Promise

In the beginning moments of hearing God’s promise we may feel a collision of emotions: fear, joy, surprise, wonder, anxiety, peace. Like the shifting hormones in a woman’s body, we may feel a variety of things leading up to giving birth to God’s promise in our lives. We will be responsible to nourish ourselves with the truth of God’s word to help us to prepare for birth.

When the day of birth finally arrives, our focus and attention needs to be clear. We can not have anything distract us from cooperating with God’s miracle of new life. The pain of giving birth is forgotten when the child is born.

A Child is Born

Time has already past as my grandson Andrew Wayne is already walking and lifting up his hands to Mimi to be held.  I have been laughing this entire year as I see his many firsts. Time passes so quickly and yet the truth is still true.

Nothing is impossible with God!

Your Inheritance

Your inheritance in Christ is eternal. Even when your future looks gloomy, you can trust God to show you the way.

“…Giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light” (Colossians 1:12)

Do you have feel like you don’t have much to look forward to? Even when your future looks bleak, I want to encourage you to not be driven by your feelings.  Look up to God and begin to give thanks to God who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light.  When we adopted our two sons from Brazil, they were qualified by the government to inherit our name and the right to be in our family.  Although they had never traveled far from their village, they had a home and family waiting for them. One day near the end of our time in Brazil, Dre said “sometimes it is hard to believe that it is all true.” We had shown him the pictures, but he needed to trust us and follow us to a new land and a new home. In a similar way, God has told you about your inheritance in His Word. But you must trust Him to bring about your future. God qualifies you, entitles you, authorizes you and enables you with great potential of obtaining a full inheritance in Him! You must believe Him to receive from Him.

Make Jesus Christ your inheritance.

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Your Strength

Be strengthened!

Do you come to the end of your day where you feel like you have run out of steam?   If you are like most of us moms, your answer to that question is “yes!”

Colossians 1:11 promises that you will be strengthened with all his glorious power so you will have all the endurance and patience you need!

That’s good news for you today.  God’s strength doesn’t just flow through you when you are at church or in a bible study. His strength, endurance and patience is available to you 24/7.  That means that you don’t need to struggle or strain through your day.  If you ask, He won’t just give you a tiny trickle of strength to just survive.  When you surrender to His strength, it will flood you and invigorate you with life!


Your Work

 And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1:10 NIV

Do you ever get tired of your job as a mom?  Do you every feel under appreciated and definitely under paid?

Ask yourself, why is it then, that you spend so much time being dis-satisfied with what He has called us to do and to be.  For many of you out there, you have dreamed about being a mom. And now that you are, you dream about having peace and quiet and getting away from your kids.  It’s funny how when you get what you ask for, you still are not content in the good work that God has called you to.

Know that you have a calling to live a life worthy of the Lord. You are called to please Him in every way.  One of the ways that you will please Him is in bearing fruit in every good work as you increase in your knowledge of God.

Do you like the picture of my shopping cart?

What is your least favorite “job” as a mom? (Mine is grocery shopping) .

How can you be content and focused while serving your family in the mundane?


Your Prayer

“For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you and asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” Colossians 1:9 NIV

Do you sometimes go through the entire day and forget to pray.  Never underestimate the power of prayer.

I didn’t understand the power of prayer until I was in a life and death situation. One night when my daughter Rachel was 5 weeks old I was awakened to hear screaming in terror. I tried to get to her but I couldn’t find my way. I was disoriented, I couldn’t breath. Finally I pushed up my window and I realized that my house was on fire and I had now way of getting myself or my baby out of the house.

That was the night that I learned the power of prayer. My mom had been praying for me from Isaiah 43… that I would go through the fire and not be burned.

Don’t forget the power of prayer. As you pray to God He will fill you with knowledge of His will and all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Pray like your life depended on it.



Your Fruit

“…All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth.” Colossians 1:6 NIV

Do you feel like your life doesn’t really matter?

Sometimes my perspective is too small. I am stuck in the meaningless and the mundane. But if I look up and realize that I am an important part of the Kingdom of God advancing on the earth. There is no better place to advance the kingdom of God than in your home with your children.  God has designed your home to be a safe, warm and inviting place for your children and others to learn to know God in an intimate way.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is dynamic. If you stay connected to Him, you will grow and bear fruit when you truly understand His grace in your every day life.

Your life matters.  There is no one like you in all the world.  There are people that God has called you to reach and He has given you the grace to bear fruit that last for eternity.

Do you ever hear the “lie” that your life doesn’t matter?



Your Hope

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all God’s people— the faith and love that spring from the hope stored up for you in heaven and about which you have already heard in the true message of the gospel…” Colossians 1:3-5 NIV.

If you are really honest, do you sometimes feel hopeless?.

About 22 years ago I was sitting at a table with my newborn baby after going through a terrible loss and the people sitting across from me were sharing concerns.  They meant their words in love, but it was bad timing. It felt like my world was crashing around me. I was hopeless. It felt like I was being stabbed in the back.

It is amazing how vulnerable you can be when you have gone through the life-changing event of having a baby.  I look back at this now, and realize that my perspective was off-center. My hope was anchored to what others thought about me, rather than a confident hope anchored on the person of Jesus.

Have you ever experienced a lack of hope?

What helped you to anchor your hope in Christ?



Your Help

Your Help, Your Hope of Glory

“…Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27

Do you sometimes feel under-qualified as a mom? The great new is that there is a helper that who qualifies you and sets you apart for the task of mothering.

I need all the help I can get as a mom of seven children. It’s those days when I feel overwhelmed that I need to stop and remind myself, that I since I have made Jesus the Lord of my Life, I am not alone in parenting our children …. Christ lives in me (Colossians 1:27), and He has given me the ability to be fruitful in every good work. That includes being a mom!

If I stay connected to Jesus, (John 15) He will strengthen me with all might as I tackle the mundane assignments of life.  He has given me Himself so that I can walk in patience even with little boys that want to talk back rathe than obey right away.  He is the One who has qualified to be the best mom in the world for my child.



True Loyalty

Do you have True Loyalty to others?

Proverbs 20:6 says “Many will say they are loyal friends,but who can find one who is truly reliable?” (NLT) Lots of people claim to be loyal, but loyalty is proven over time. Learn to be someone who keeps confidences, who invests in relationships, who listens without bias. Become someone who others can rely on. Be the person that others can go to. A loyal person is never without friends.



Wise Counsel

How do you do at family gatherings? Do you end up at odds with those you love?

Proverbs 20:3 says “It’s a mark of good character to avert quarrels, but fools love to pick fights” (The Message). Avoiding a fight is really wise.  It is often the little quirks about someone that can drive you crazy. Learning to let go of offenses, setting good boundaries, and simply loving from the heart goes a long way in building family unity.