Your Fruit

“…All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth.” Colossians 1:6 NIV

Do you feel like your life doesn’t really matter?

Sometimes my perspective is too small. I am stuck in the meaningless and the mundane. But if I look up and realize that I am an important part of the Kingdom of God advancing on the earth. There is no better place to advance the kingdom of God than in your home with your children.  God has designed your home to be a safe, warm and inviting place for your children and others to learn to know God in an intimate way.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is dynamic. If you stay connected to Him, you will grow and bear fruit when you truly understand His grace in your every day life.

Your life matters.  There is no one like you in all the world.  There are people that God has called you to reach and He has given you the grace to bear fruit that last for eternity.

Do you ever hear the “lie” that your life doesn’t matter?



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