Are You Willing to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

by Kacey Randolph

Do you know what it is like to be outside of your comfort zone?   I am naturally a people watcher, I would rather help hold up a wall or hang out in a corner than be the center of attention. I certainly am not one to ASK to speak to a few hundred people on a Sunday morning. God sees me differently though. He wants to use me in a way where He knows I will be completely dependent on Him to complete the task – unless I want to fail miserably, trip over my own two feet and fall flat on my face. All of which I was convinced was going to happen before I even started speaking.

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4 Ways to Be a Better Mom

by Christy Hughes

As a mom who loves Christ, I set out to be the example to my children that I believe He wants me to be. By “example” I am referring to patience, kindness, gentleness…the fruit of the Spirit. Some days are great, some days not so great. But one thing I know is that everyday, great or not, they are watching…Everything.

My girls are such a gift. So when I need to look at what it means to follow Christ’s example in being a mom, I’m learning and being reminded of a few things:

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Rest in Him

There I am, once more praying that the baby will stop crying and fall asleep. Hoping I don’t have to go pick him up again since this would make the fourth time in three hours, I was exhausted. And I had it easy without the two year old this time as she was at Nana and Papa’s. — I can’t do this. — I honestly remember thinking that I could not continue in what I was doing, that I could not continue in what I was called to do at that moment, be a mom.

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Prayerful Decisions

I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about the choices we make for our children – to homeschool, to not homeschool, to do one or two activities, eat this and don’t eat that. It can be so overwhelming sometimes!

When we think about the decisions that we make for our children, and how they will inevitably affect their own decision making skills, we are reminded yet again that we can not rely on our own resources. We must seek the guidance of our Heavenly Father and in our quiet time with Him, Read more

Naming your Child

Sue Detweiler: The first day that I met minister Tamyra and her husband pastor Eric, they shared with me their desire to have children. I love to agree in prayer for those desiring to conceive so I grabbed a bottle of oil and I anointed Tamyra and prayed with them. I am rejoicing with them as they are expecting Selah Rose this spring. This is a unique name so I asked Tamyra to share how they chose this name.

Tamyra Morris: “The Bible says in Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favor rather than silver and gold.” A good name is to be chosen, not just given. As parents we have been given the great privilege to choose our daughter’s name. And not just any name, but a good name. A God inspired name. A God given name. A name that means something and stands for something. A name that has Biblical meaning. How exciting, right? And because of this great responsibility, we have been pondering our children’s names for years and had our daughter’s name chosen a year or so before she was ever conceived. And I must say that it was definitely God given and God inspired. The meaning of her name brings our hearts great joy.

The word Selah means, “To pause and calmly think about that.” Biblically speaking, when we see the word Selah in a Psalm or in Habakkuk 3, we should pause to carefully weigh the meaning of what we have just read or heard, lifting up our hearts in praise to God for His great truths. (See Psalm 66:4)

The word Rose is referred to the flower known not only for its exceptional beauty and fragrance, but also as an enduring symbol of love. In essence, when we look at our daughter Selah or even call her name, we will be reminded to pause and think about the goodness of the Lord and praise Him!

We praise and thank God for this wonderful blessing that we will soon meet face to face in the months to come. My husband and I are both honored to have been given the task to choose her name, but more importantly, to be chosen to be her parents. We look forward to the weeks, months and years ahead to share with her and be reminded of the goodness of God each day.


Tamyra Morris        

Minister Tamyra and her husband Pastor Eric Morris lead the G Phi Nation youth ministry at Faith Life Church. With a warm smile and a winning personality Tamyra brings warmth and love on a weekly basis to the youth. Tamyra and Eric are expecting their first daughter Selah Rose in the Spring of 2013. 

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Does God care?

by Christi Cole

“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy.” ~Psalm 126:5

Does God care that I am hurting this much?  Does He care enough to remove my reproach? I asked that question a hundred times in the months following the loss of our baby boy, Micah—a loss that rocked me to the core. During the subsequent deployment of my husband, Jeff, to Iraq, I continued to grapple with questions about God’s concern for my suffering in the most dry, barren place I have ever experienced. Read more

A Heart to help Moms

Monica Schmelter Interviews Sue Detweiler

When her first daughter was only 5 weeks old, Sue was trapped in a house fire with her baby. After being delivered from the fire, Sue experienced the stress of trying to rebuild her life and home. Having such a difficult time as a first time mom has given Sue compassion for other moms who may be struggling with this role of being a mom.

You can read more about Sue’s story in her book 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom. 

Women Ignite Conference – October 18, 19, and 20

Come be refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated with the passionate fire of God.  Speakers include Monica Schmelter from Christian Television Network, Tondalanea Scott from Unlock the Champion and Sue Detweiler from ChristianMomTalk as well as workshop speakers and worship leaders from the Middle Tennessee area. The conference is FREE and sessions begin at 7pm on October 18 and 19 and 9am on October 20. Come with an expectant heart and bring a friend!


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