4 Ways to Be a Better Mom

by Christy Hughes

As a mom who loves Christ, I set out to be the example to my children that I believe He wants me to be. By “example” I am referring to patience, kindness, gentleness…the fruit of the Spirit. Some days are great, some days not so great. But one thing I know is that everyday, great or not, they are watching…Everything.

My girls are such a gift. So when I need to look at what it means to follow Christ’s example in being a mom, I’m learning and being reminded of a few things:

1) Pray and know God’s Word

I am a better Mom when I seek Jesus first. He calls us to yoke up with Him. To lay our burdens at His feet. Through His example and by His Spirit I am gentle, patient, kind, and loving. I can focus on Him first and love my kids better (and let’s not forget He will also help us love ourselves, our husbands, and the lady who cut you off in traffic yesterday)

2) Don’t Compare

Some moms love DIY projects from the craft store. Honestly, those places make my chest tight. I fight envy and maybe a tad irritation toward those that say about the newly made masterpiece “I just threw it together. It’s not like it was hard”.  If i “just throw something together” thats exactly what it looks like – a mess that maybe someone out there would call art. It’s in these times I remind myself that there are other giftings The Lord has given me and focus on those. I also must remember to live my life in community as we learn from each other. Cue point #3.

3) Community

God has not called us to walk alone. A friend, pastor, mom’s group are all a phone call away. We need each other.

We need others to help us with perspective, to pray with, to be challenged and stay “sharp”, and to be refreshed. The quote “it takes a village to raise a child” is so true!

4) Trust the process.

In a “Google” generation, we want to know the fruit of our labor and see it within 3.5 seconds. One day I was building a tower of blocks with my two year old and thought “How does this translate into raising disciples for Christ”? But we meet people where they are as God meets us where we are. Remember that God is with you and His timetable for all things is perfect – and He is developing patience in us and giving us a chance to slow down and enjoy the journey if we will choose. Parenting is as much about our process as it is our kids.

What has been helpful for you to remember as a mom setting out to be an example of Christ to your kids?

C Bio PicChristy Hughes is a wife and mom who serves as a pastor with her husband, JT, in Murfreesboro, TN. She is passionate about Jesus, adores her husband and is crazy about her two girls. Through writing, mentoring and teaching, she thrives on helping women live transformed lives by renewing their mind with the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. She feels one of her greatest privileges is to be a stay at home mom and likes her coffee strong, chocolate dark and walls with color. You can find her on Twitter and learn more about her church here.


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  1. Kacey Randolph
    Kacey Randolph says:

    Such a great post! It helps me to remember that it is my responsibility to display LOVE well. If I am not displaying love well to them, how will they understand what love means or how much they are loved not only by their family but by their Savior?

  2. Monica Robertson
    Monica Robertson says:

    For years, while Abigail was a little girl, I often wondered whether or not my parenting would be fruitful. Finally, I decided that all of my anxious thoughts were robbing me of the enjoyment of the experience. Since Abbey was the only arrow in our quiver, I finally decided to give myself permission to trust God with the directions He had called me to walk as a mother. This weekend, she will be 21 years old. She is beautiful inside and out, full of wit and wisdom, loves the Lord like crazy and is powerful in ministry! As always, my diligence to “trust the process” as Christy put so well turned out above and beyond what I expected. And having put that anxiety behind me all those years ago, I can truly say that motherhood was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve enjoyed for many years!


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