Walk In His Presence


Have you ever wondered how to walk in God’s presence.

A starting place of walking in God’s presence is to walk in His love.The essence of God is the fruit of love.  His love is the very foundation of the character of what we are called to live out as moms.  You and I need to embrace that we are loved by God, start loving ourselves and stop doing self-destructive behaviors.  God is the One who does it in us and will do it through us… So He is the one who will get all the glory.

The love He first showed us is this: God loved you and protected you because that is who God is.  Receive the value of His love as the gift of His presence inside of you.  God will begin to bless you so that you can be a blessing to others.

Begin to love other unconditionally.  God will test your metal by giving you situations with seemingly unlovable people and He will say, “love them as I have loved you.”



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