Take A Turn

Do you ever find yourself saying “I’m sorry” for the same thing?

True repentance is more than just saying “I’m sorry”, and then doing the same thing a couple of days later.  The Greek word for “repentance” is metanoeo (where we get our English word “metamorphosis”), which means “relating to or involving a change in physical form, appearance, or character” (Encarta Dictionary).  To repent means to turn around, to change.  True repentance is evidenced when we change in three dimensions: 1) we change our minds; 2) we change our hearts (will and emotions); 3) we change our actions.

Matthew 3:8 says,

“Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God”

Our repentance needs to be openly seen. In order for that to happen, we need to walk in the light and admit when we have sinned. When my children were smaller there were a couple of things that I did to bring my sin our into the light. If I would have an angry outburst, I would put myself in the “time out” chair and have my children pray for me. I didn’t want them to think that just because I was older it was fine for me to misbehave. I would also bring it up in front of my husband and children sometimes at supper.  God can give you a strategy for you to bring out into the light your sin.  If you bring it out in the open, the light of God will illuminate the situation and help you overcome in Him.



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