Sue Detweiler, Part 2

This week on ChristianMomTalk Sue introduces the second part of the book that she has begun to write called Be the Best Mom for your Child: Overcoming  the Obstacle of Your Flesh by the Fruit of God’s Spirit. Every mom struggles with at least one unresolved flesh pattern that obstructs her capacity to effectively parent her child. Her hidden habit of the heart hinders her potential to nurture her child in a safe and loving environment and sometimes makes her feel like she is the worst mom in the world for her child. Every mom is able to overcome the obstacles of her flesh by walking in the fruit of God’s Spirit in order to be who God created her to be and to fulfill her call as the best mom for her child.

Sue shares a brief overview of the second part of the book:

6. Overcoming Criticalness with Goodness.

7. Overcoming Faithlessness with Faithfulness.

8. Overcoming Harshness with Gentleness.

9. Overcoming self-indulgence with self-control.

10. Overcoming moms Raise Overcoming Children.

If you can relate to what Sue is sharing, please take time to write a comment. Remember your story can encourage others.


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