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When my four daughters were younger, I made up a cheer that we would recite at di erent times: “Two, four, six, eight… Who do you appreciate? Momma! Momma! She’s so great!” Of course, we would cheer for di erent children by name. I had my own cheerleaders who gave hugs, kisses, and smiles. Back then, I actually felt like a good mom.

If we, as mothers, are not careful we can begin to nd our identity in our children and their behavior. e truth is, the behavior of your children is not the measure of your value and worth as a person.

A website on parenting sometimes includes a step-by-step guide on how to discipline your children. Often, the underlying premise is if one adheres to the guidelines outlined in the book, the results are perfect children and a predicament-free family. The problem is that every child has a free will. You and I can’t control what our children choose. We also live in a problem-filled society where stuff happens.

God is the only perfect Father, and He experienced something similar. He put His children in a perfect garden, and they chose to rebel. In fact, we are still dealing with Eve’s choices today. She was the rst mom who really had issues.

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Every Mom Has Issues

Every mom since Eve has sinned against her sons and daughters. Even Mary, the mother of Jesus, lost it when she didn’t know where Jesus was (Luke 2:41-50). She is the only mother who ever had a perfect son, and she was still anxious about him.

Every mom needs a safe place to talk about the real issues she is facing without feeling like she will be judged as a “bad mom.”

need others to come alongside us and cheer us on as moms even when we feel like our parenting skills are lacking and we aren’t going to make it through another Cheerio-filled day.

If you are picking up this book, I hope it is because you want to become the most life-giving mother you can be. If you want to realize your God-given calling as a mom, it’s going to take more than a list of “dos and don’ts.” It’s going to take real and honest introspection into the character of your life.

Every Mom Needs Encouragement

You need to know the meaning of your life is not measured by the sum total of the mundane moments and monotonous tasks of motherhood. You need to know that what you are doing has immense purpose. You need a fresh experience of God’s presence in the midst of your ordinary, hectic days.

You also need friends. Not the kind of friends who have it all together in their Instagram-perfect homes and fashion-ready children. No, you need friends who will be honest with their own struggles. Friends who will cheer you on to cross the nish line of being faithful to God within your calling of motherhood.

My daughter taught me the importance of having help on the sidelines. I ran with Rachel, helping her condition to try out for the high school soccer team. en one night she came to me in tears.

“Mom, we have to run the mile tomorrow. It’s my last chance to make the team,” she said.

“What do you want me to do? Do you want me to come to practice?” I asked.

She nodded “yes” as she wiped her tears.

The next day I showed up beside the track and smiled at my daughter as she prepared to run. en, as she came around the track for her nal lap, I listened to the coach calling out the time. I knew she wasn’t going to make it. I dropped my purse and sprinted across the center of the football eld to the other side of the track where she was making slow progress.

I put my hand on her back and said, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Immediately, she picked up the pace and ran to the nish line with fresh energy. Everyone cheered and she made the team!

You Can Do it!

As you join the community of ChristianMomTalk,  We want you to feel the hand of God Himself on your back, running alongside you saying, “YOU CAN DO IT! You can be the best mom in the world for your child, with My help.”

If you are tired of being alone, let’s walk down this path toward freedom together. If you have the desire to change and become all God created you to be, then I pray you will nd healing and hope through my story, and the stories of other women wading through the tasks of motherhood just like you.

Welcome to a life-giving journey where it is safe for you to be honest, transparent, and real about the areas in your life that are holding you back. Let’s travel together with the expectancy that God still works in the imperfect details of our lives. Let Him touch the hidden places of your heart and help you discover the joy of walking with Him. Go ahead and believe that He can take your worst and replace it with His best.ChristianMomTalk