Let Love Flow Through You

Love flows but not when you find yourself getting angry with your kids.

Psalm 37:8 says, “Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper— it only leads to harm.” As a mom you will undoubtedly have times that you are angry, but in your anger you don’t need to sin. If you lose your temper you will hurt your relationships. It is hard to mend a relationship when it has been torn with angry words.

I made the mistake as a young mom of feeling justified in my anger at times that my children behaved badly. Every child will misbehave at some point in their lives… your role as a mom is to train them to walk in God’s ways without crossing lines where you yell, scream, or discipline in anger.  Remember, love covers a multitude of sins. As you discipline and correct your children do it out of love for them. Let God’s love flow through you.



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