His Way Is Love

Do you walk in love on a daily basis?

The only way we can walk in God’s love on a daily basis is to be empowered by God’s spirit. You could use this translation of I Corinthians 13 (and add the word “mom”) to describe a Spirit-empowered mother’s love:

Mom never gives up.

Mom cares more for her children than for herself.

Mom doesn’t want what she doesn’t have.

Mom doesn’t strut,

Mom doesn’t have a swelled head,

Mom doesn’t force herself on others,

Mom doesn’t say “me first,”

Mom doesn’t fly off the handle,

Mom doesn’t keep score of the sins of her children,

Mom doesn’t revel when her children grovel,

Mom takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,

Mom puts up with anything,

Mom trusts God always,

Mom always looks for the best,

Mom never looks back,

Mom keeps going to the end.

Love is the most excellent pathway for a mother to walk.  A mother who walks in love remembers with great gratitude that God Himself has been patient with her imperfections.  It is His love flowing through you that empowers you to be patient with the imperfections of your children.  Love believes the best about your children. Love fuels your Spirit-empowered ability to train them up in the way of the Lord.  His way is love.




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  1. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    What a great reminder! I love the way you put mom instead of love, and especially like the first one, “mom never gives up!” just today I was dealing with a recurring situation with my girls, and was thinking, “I give up! I don’t know how to help this situation!” But, God makes it clear we are to not give up. And to LOVE through it all. How encouraging that he didn’t give up on us, and how his love is what ultimately won my heart over to follow him, and turn away from my sin. In the same way, loving my daughters , even through all their mistakes, will ultimately show them the love of the father and prayerfully their hearts will be truly followers of Christ!


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