Get Out Of The Pit

Do you ever feel like a terrible mother?

I know every one of us have had bad days and you may have felt like a failure as a mom. When my first two children were young, I felt a lack of order in my house . I felt isolated. Having children was much harder than I thought. I was tired all the time, and I never had a day off. Everyone needed me. My flesh screamed “Just leave me alone!” Of course, when I felt like this, my toddler and baby sensed it and would cling to me.  Life was hard.  I was vulnerable to the attack of the enemy.

I would hear accusations in my mind “you are a terrible mother.” Then I would do something that confirmed that accusation. I felt depressed, isolated, and unable to change my behavior.

But God. God broke into this time in my life and delivered me out of a self-made pit. Psalm 40:2 says “He lifted me up out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along.

If you are in a pit, call out to God and trust Him to deliver you out of the lowest place and to give you a life that is new and filled with hope. When you cry out to God, He will ofter send you others in the body of Christ to help you get out of the pit.  Rather than resisting their help, humble yourself, be honest, and receive help from God and from the community of faith.



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