Nothing is Impossible with God

Nothing is impossible with God!

“Mom, it’s time to have the baby!” My heart began to beat faster as I realized that I needed to buy a plane ticket and head back to Nashville, Tennessee. We had just celebrated family Christmas, and I didn’t want to leave my oldest daughter and son-in-law who were expecting the baby in January. It took me 30 minutes to re-pack my bags and secure a flight.

Hurry up and WAIT!

Once I was on the plane, I began to think about how much time labor usually takes. I smiled, as I thought about the many hours that we would be in the hospital together. As soon as we drove towards the hospital, I saw the huge scripture posted on the outside of the hospital:

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

When you and I face every day challenges, we need to remind ourselves of this scripture that was spoken to Mary by the angel Gabriel. Although Mary was a teenage girl incapable of accomplishing the things in her own strength, Gabriel said to her:

Good morning! You’re beautiful with God’s beauty, beautiful inside and out! God be with you! Luke 1:28 MSG

Mary had God’s favor in her life. She was shaken by the angel’s appearance and surprised by His words, yet she welcomed God’s word into her heart and believed that with God, nothing was impossible.

Giving Birth to God’s Promise

In the beginning moments of hearing God’s promise we may feel a collision of emotions: fear, joy, surprise, wonder, anxiety, peace. Like the shifting hormones in a woman’s body, we may feel a variety of things leading up to giving birth to God’s promise in our lives. We will be responsible to nourish ourselves with the truth of God’s word to help us to prepare for birth.

When the day of birth finally arrives, our focus and attention needs to be clear. We can not have anything distract us from cooperating with God’s miracle of new life. The pain of giving birth is forgotten when the child is born.

A Child is Born

Time has already past as my grandson Andrew Wayne is already walking and lifting up his hands to Mimi to be held.  I have been laughing this entire year as I see his many firsts. Time passes so quickly and yet the truth is still true.

Nothing is impossible with God!