About Sue Detweiler  – Founder of Christian MomTalk          

With Six children and more than 25 years of marriage and ministry experience in her toolbox, Sue Detweiler is introducing a brand new forum for women called Christian MomTalk. “My heart in beginning Christian MomTalk is to help women realize their God-given calling and purpose as moms so they can be fruitful in every endeavor.”

Embracing her role as a mom did not come easily for Sue.  When she was younger she could only envision her life as a single woman on the mission field, but God had different plans…

Sue married Wayne, and six years later they had their first daughter, Rachel. While still recovering from childbirth, Sue and five week old Rachel miraculously escaped from their house that had been set on fire.  “I probably experienced a mother’s worst nightmare. My house was on fire and I was unable to get my baby out. I dropped on my knees and cried a prayer that everyone does in those situations: “HELP!” God not only delivered Sue from the fire, but used that terrifying experience to change the fabric of their home.  “I knew that I needed help. I felt overwhelmed and isolated as a mom. I just didn’t know who to turn to.”

Sue’s honest and transparent communication style sets the tone for other moms to safely share their stories during local Christian MomTalk meetings. This helps women fully pursue God’s calling of motherhood on their lives. Being the mom of so many children (four biological and two adopted) gives Sue an abundance of stories that women can relate to.  Her intimate walk with God and strength as a Bible teacher help other moms connect to God’s heart and grow closer to Him.

“A breakthrough in my life took place when I realized that I couldn’t do anything apart from God. Staying connected to the life-giving strength of Jesus Christ is the only way I can parent my children and be an encouragement to other moms.”

Sue has been in Christian ministry for over 25 years.  Sue founded a radio ministry called Harmony at Home.  “When my kids were really young, I laid the radio ministry down with a sense that it was genuine call from God that He would resurrect again.”

While Sue was speaking to a local women’s group, one of the moms commented, “Sue, just this morning in my prayer time I said to God, ‘It would be so nice if I could just listen to Sue encourage me every day.’”  This young mom served as the first confirmation that this is the right time for Sue to encourage women through a daily format of Healing Rain.