Sue Detweiler interviews Malekia Bell

Malekiah Bell grew up in the projects of Detroit Michigan.  As a teen she was on a path of destruction until her aunt opened her heart and her home to rescue her and help get her on a better path.  Malekiah applied herself in school and now is a registered nurse who runs a program called Advanced Nurse Assistant training where she trains others. She also has begun a non-profit ministry called the Zoe Center that helps transform the lives of young women to overcome abuse, depression, drug addiction and unplanned pregnancy ( For the past 10 years Malekiah as been a single mom to her two nieces and nephew.


A New Way of Life

Dan and Mona Hitch are passionate about health. Mona had lupus, joint pain, chest pain, chronic fatige . She and Dan were living in the “4 F”: fast life, fast food, fast drinks, fast tracking to their graves. By the grace of God they chose a better way.

Their new path they have chosen is: faith, health, love, and life. They have been transformed from the inside out. They now are in the Word daily and a part of a church family. They now all grow all their vegetables on their patio with a tower garden and participate with Juice Plus. They now practice self-care rather than health-care.

Mona and Dan are sharing their love with others. They came to our home and helped us start a tower garden to feed the Detweiler Family. They have helped many to embrace a new way of living.

Sue Detweiler interviews Jill Hewitt

Michael and Jill Hewitt have invested in the ChristianMomTalk from the very beginning. Michael is the sound engineer for the podcast and Jill was the first one to specifically voice her desire to have a podcast for moms.  Jill is a wife and a mother who is about to give birth to her second baby (it could be any minute). She sacrificially gave up a promotion at her job as an interior designer to stay home with her first daughter.  She is a woman of faith who has turned to God to help her overcome the hard things in her life. Be encouraged as you listen to this interview.


Special Edition: Father’s Day Sue Detweiler interviews Wayne Detweiler

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

We hope you enjoy this special Father’s Day edition. Wayne Detweiler gives practical encouragement to dads. Wayne and Sue have been married and in ministry for 29 years and have six children (4 biological and 2 adopted and MANY spiritual kids). Wayne’s compassionate wisdom and experience will spur you on to be the dad that God has called you to be!


Sue Detweiler interviews Linda Strandell, Part 2

Linda Strandrell describes herself in this way: “I am married to the ‘man of my youth,’ for 30 years now, and we have five beautiful children and two grandchildren. We serve the local church in full-time vocational ministry. Additionally, I have been a licensed hair stylist throughout  the past 33 years. My passions are to teach the Word of God, and to serve and love on people. I have a gift of hospitality and also enjoy gardening, hiking, and interior-home decorating.”

We hope you enjoy Linda’s story. Be encouraged by the strength of her honesty as she shares.