The Purpose of it all!

by Kacey Randolph

There it was, staring back at me. My own name with the curser blinking beside it. Staring at me. I hadn’t had to send a “formal” email in quite some time, in fact I can’t remember the last time I had to and for some reason seeing my name on the screen was weird. What was even MORE weird was that is was weird! 

I’m called any variation of Mom all day long – Mom, Mommy, Mama. When my husband gets home its “babe.” My friends call and its straight into conversation because we all know time on the phone is limited when kids are running through the house. The more the curser blinked beside my name the more I felt God speaking to my heart. God lovingly revealed to me that I was compartmentalizing my life. I am a Child of God. I am a Wife. I am a Mom. I am a Friend. I am Kacey.

As women we carry a multitude of roles that require much of us. While my relationship with the Lord is strong, it takes relying on His strength to maintain all of the roles and relationships in my life. It takes putting all of my faith in God to help me maintain all that I am called to do within my family, with my friends, and within my God given purpose. It can be overwhelming at times and I find myself becoming task oriented and focused on getting things checked off of a list. While it is good to be productive, we have to put it all in perspective and know the purpose of it all. Read more

Teachable Moments

by Kim Mozingo

My mother picked up my son at pre-school one afternoon and took him for a treat.  As they were enjoying their treat he asked, “So, Grandma, how was your day?”   “I had a great day, how was yours?” responded Grandma.  “You know Grandma, when you have one of those days…where things just don’t go.”  This was not a typical response for my son who always has a “great day” at school, something had happened.  Thankfully, Grandma had some time to invest in this conversation.  As the story unfolded, he had gotten in trouble at school and was quite upset with his teacher over the situation.  He told Grandma how it “hurts real bad down in here (his chest area)” and he did not like it.  He told her, “Actually Grandma, it’s called sin”.   Read more

What does it take to have a Thriving Marriage?

by Wayne and Sue Detweiler

Can you imagine being in an apartment with your spouse, knowing that others were watching you fight? John M. Gottman, PH.D. put couples in a “Love Lab” to try to see if he were able to predict divorce.  One hundred thirty couples volunteered to not only to be watched, but video-tapped in the living room and kitchen of an apartment.  They watched and examined how couples related to one another.  The couples who were not doing well in their marriage often began a disagreement with a harsh tone.  Soon the scientists watching would observe what they labeled as “The Four Horsemen.” These four negative styles of behavior are lethal to a marriage and may lead to a chaotic end. Here is the list:

Horseman 1: Criticism. Criticism is more than a complaint. Criticism attacks character and blames the other person, “What is wrong with you?”

Horseman 2: Contempt. Sarcasm and cynicism are common types of contempt.  This disgusted attitude sometimes includes name-calling, mockery, sneering, or making a joke at your spouse’s expense.

Horseman 3: Defensiveness. Defensiveness denies that you have a problem and focuses all the blame on your partner, “I’m not the problem, you are!”

Horseman 4: Stonewalling. This is the last horseman to arrive, but the first one to parade off giving the silent treatment to the spouse.  Stonewalling occurs when one partner just shuts down or tunes out their spouse and the discussion.  They ignore the spouse with a coldness that is felt by everyone involved. Read more

Video: A Mother’s Prayer

Sue Detweiler, Founder of, shares how a mother’s prayer can change a nation. Using the biblical story of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, Sue shares how God answers the desperate petition of a mother who surrenders her hearts desire to God. As a mother persists and perseveres in prayer, God hears her petition and answers her prayers in accordance with His will. Surrender your heart completely to God, He will hear your prayer.